Sacrament of Baptism


Congratulations on the decision to have your child Baptised!  The community of St Joseph’s and St Augustine’s join you in thanking God for the gift of physical life and your desire to give your child spiritual life through the saving waters of Baptism.

The Sacramental journey begins at Baptism. At this time, parents make the decision for their child to enter the Catholic Faith by choosing to have their child baptised. While this can occur at any stage of one’s life, generally a child is baptised in the infant years, prior to beginning primary school.

Role of Parents in the Sacrament of Baptism of their Children

According to the Code of Canon Law, cc. 867-868; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1251.

The child is Baptised in the faith of their Parents, Godparents and of the Church. Parents are responsible for bringing their child to the Sacrament of Baptism as soon as possible, after birth. Except in case of necessity, the church is the usual place of Baptism.

In order for a child to be baptised at St Augustine’s and St Joseph’s Parishes, it is necessary for at least one of the parents to be a Catholic.

Role of the Godparents

Godparents are chosen by the parents to assist in helping the child to live up to his or her baptismal dignity. A Baptismal candidate may only have one or two godparents (also called sponsors).

if two are chosen, they must be male and female.

In order for someone to be eligible as a Godparent, they must;

  •      be chosen by the parent/s
  •      have the ability and the intention to fulfill the role
  •      be at least 16 years of age
  •      be a practicing Catholic, in the Roman tradition
  •      be a good role model for the one being Baptised
  •      be neither the father nor the mother of the child.

A Baptised person who belongs to another Christian community may be admitted only as a “Christian witness” provided that there is at least one Catholic Godparent who fulfills the above criteria.

A non-baptised person cannot be a witness (Code of Canon Law, cc. 872-874; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1255).

Both parents (together with the Godparents) present their child for this Sacrament in the ceremony.

Times for Baptism

Baptism is celebrated on

the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at St Augustine’s Balmain and

on the 3rd Sunday of the month St Joseph’s Rozelle.


Baptism times depends on the priest’s schedule.

Please check with the parish office at the time of booking and confirm the time of Baptism.

Please be on time out of respect for other families who are also present for their child’s Baptism.


Baptism Preparation Session

It’s very important that the parents attend, prior to the baptism.

One of the Baptism Preparation Sessions offered by the Parish is usually conducted in the presbytery meeting room at 3 Jane Street, Balmain. If you wish to attend a preparation session please contact the Balmain parish Office on (02) 9810 1157 or email  or

Booking a Baptism

All enquiries can be done by contacting the Balmain Parish Office on (02) 9810 1157 or email  or The booking request for baptism should be directed to the parish office by completing and submitting the form on this page.


It is a Catholic custom to offer a donation which would be gratefully received and very much appreciated. The donation helps cover the running costs of the parish church. It can be paid by delivering the donation in an envelope to the Parish Secretary (marked with your child’s name).

Parish Hall

It may be possible to book the parish hall for an after-service function. Please contact the Parish Office on (02) 9818 5856 or email  or for further information about the booking.