The organ was built by the British Pianoforte company. The build date is uncertain but is thought to be around 1910. It was restored in 1974. Apart from the 29 copper coloured pipes visible on the front of the organ, inside there are another (approximate) 800 pipes. See below.

These pipes are from the upper (Swell) manual. The curved pipes are some of the pipes from the Cornopean (trumpet like) stop. These are the loudest pipes in the organ. The pipes below are also from the upper manual.

The above pipes are from the lower (Great) manual.


The organ specification is as follows:

Open diapason 8 ft
Stopped diapason 8 ft
Salicional 8 ft
Principal 4 ft
Quint 2 2/3 ft
Fifteenth 2ft
Viola 8 ft
Gedact 8 ft
Gemshorn 4 ft
Harmonic flute 4 ft
Mixture 3 rks
Cornopean 8 ft
Open diapason 16 ft
Bass flute 8 ft
Octave flute 4 ft
Swell to great
Swell octave
Swell sub octave
Swell to pedal
Great to pedal