Getting Married at St Joseph’s, Rozelle



St Joseph’s parish extends a warm welcome to the couples who wish to get married here. We Congratulate you on your engagement and are excited to work with you to prepare you for the sacrament of Marriage. To assist you in preparing for a lifelong sacramental marriage, we, at St Joseph’s, have designed a program to assist you in this sacramental process.

At St Joseph’s we welcome couples who wish to Marry, providing at least one of the parties is Catholic.  

If one or both parties have been married previously, a different process is required. Please seek advice from your parish priest, proposed celebrant or the Tribunal of the Catholic Church (9390 5120), in such a case. If either of the engaged people has been married previously (civilly or religiously), notification of a final declaration of nullity or certificate of death must be given to the priest or deacon prior to any preparation beginning. The annulment process is used to establish a person’s freedom to marry. No future marriage may be scheduled in any Catholic Parish until the annulment procedure is completed.   While awaiting the outcome of the Tribunal’s actions, no wedding preparation can take place with the priest or deacon, until couples are advised, deepening their lives of faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Please contact the Parish office to check if the Church is available, on your preferred date and time. It is recommended you book between 6-12 months before your desired wedding day, to secure the day of your choice and to facilitate the best preparation for your marriage.

Booking requests on a Saturday need to be between 9.00am and 3.30pm. Please contact the Parish office on (02) 9810 1157 or email  or  for your suitable request time for other days of the week.

To arrange a wedding, the couple needs to contact the Parish Priest or the priest of their choice who will then arrange an interview and explain the process relating to marriage in the Catholic Church.

Please note, a visiting priest to the parish must complete the appropriate diocesan ministry forms required by the Sydney Archdiocese, before celebrating this Sacrament.  


Donation to the Church: An offering/donation of $600 is required for the use of the church and its facilities, made at the time of booking. A discount is available if you are a parishioner, contributing to our parish envelope system. Please contact the Parish office to make your payment. This amount may be fully or partly refundable. The following can be used as a guide

  • If the wedding is cancelled no later than six months before the wedding date there will be a FULL REFUND.  
  • If the wedding is cancelled between six months and one month before the wedding date then HALF will be REFUNDED
  • If the wedding is cancelled one month or less before the wedding there will be NO REFUND.

Donation to the celebrant of marriage:  This is separate to the Donation to the Church and is at the discretion of the couple. The celebrant is the one who helps you with all the paperwork (church/Registry) as well as the liturgy. Therefore, the donation is a gesture of your gratitude for his service and time. This can be paid to the parish office or to the Celebrant separately.


It may be possible to book the Parish Hall for an after-service function. Please contact the parish office at Balmain Parish Office on (02) 9810 1157 or email  or further information about the booking.


To be married in Australia, the Government requires a certified copy of the full birth certificate (an extract is not sufficient) or a current passport. If a party is born overseas a copy of their full birth certificate or an OVERSEAS passport is required.    The Church requires a recent copy of the baptismal certificate issued within six months prior to the intended marriage for each party, including those baptised in another Christian denomination.  This is best obtained by writing to the parish in which you were baptised.

Other documentation may be required in unusual circumstances.  Your celebrant will inform you of this at the time of the initial interview.

Please note that in Australia the Intention of Marriage Document must be signed and completed no earlier than 18 months and no later than 1 month before the wedding.

The ceremony will be arranged in consultation with the celebrant.  Marriage preparation courses often have some helpful information for this purpose.


The Church and the Government recognise the importance of a thorough and successful marriage preparation and have designed a program so that couples prepare well for the marriage (not just the wedding day). So that each couple may create the best possible relationship that they want for themselves, the church subsidizes government approved marriage preparation courses.  Your involvement in one of the courses is our way of supporting you.  We care that you have the best relationship you can have.

The courses are about your relationship and are not “lessons”.  The course focuses on developing your relationship, addressing communication and conflict resolution and being aware of ‘my, your and our needs’ in a marriage relationship. People who have attended previously have found the course very helpful in raising issues, sometimes for the first time: going deeper into questions yet unresolved and giving themselves time for deeper communication.  All these things build a firm base for a happy marriage.

We recommend CatholicCare who offer several courses on Marriage.  For more information or to book, please phone 1300 881 570 or go to their website:

It is essential to book early, as these courses are very popular and can be fully booked months in advance.


You are free to make musical arrangements for your wedding in consultation with the priest.

Church/Pipe Organ

The church has a splendid pipe organ that can be made available for appropriate organists with a fee of $200, which is charged for its regular maintenance and restoration. You may like to use our musicians.  For more information please contact the Parish Office.

CD playing facilities are also available. Please contact the Parish office if you want to arrange a sound check. Due to copyright laws, you are unable to reproduce any lyrics to hymns/music etc without a copyright license.  If you intend to include these in your wedding booklet, you will need to purchase a one-off license for this occasion and we would be happy to assist you in this regard.


NO CONFETTI OR RICE or any other materials may be thrown in or around the church. The use of confetti etc is now regarded as littering if it is thrown onto footpaths or roadways. As we are unable to clean the area before scheduled Masses, it is quite hazardous for the elderly, sick and children in our community.


Couples are free to organise photography to suit their needs at St Augustine’s.  However, it is worth noting that you are asking for a religious ceremony in a sacred space that should be treated accordingly. Therefore, please emphasise to your photographer that under NO circumstances is the videographer or photographer allowed in the sanctuary area, or around the altar.  Only the bridal party may stand here for photographs unless the celebrant particularly invites others. Please also advise the photo/video photographers, NOT to stand directly in front of parents and guests during your ceremony and refrain from moving around the front of the church during the Readings, the Homily, and the Eucharistic Prayer (if you are having Mass). Movement at these times is very distracting.


The arrangement of flowers will be up to the bride and groom to organise.  For access to arrange flowers, etc, please contact the Parish office at Balmain on (02) 9810 1157 or email  or at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Occasionally there is more than one wedding on a weekend. On these occasions, we ask you to liaise with the other couples when making choices and sharing flower arrangements.  This can be done with the help of the Parish office, who will provide you with the phone numbers of other couples sharing your weekend (with their permission).

Couples are encouraged to leave some of their floral arrangements in the church for the community to enjoy.  However, if the flowers are not to stay in the church, couples are asked to arrange a tidy up of the church immediately after the ceremony.