Photo of exterior of original church.

Photo of interior of original church.

Photo of interior of new church in earlier times.


Snapshots of St Joseph’s – A short history

1875 Two Good Samaritan sisters (Sisters Egan and Graves) commenced daily visits to Balmain West (now Rozelle), but the location of the first lessons is not known.
1876 First classrooms erected – Architect/builder James McDonald.
1877 Upper storey added.
1880 Cottage provided for Sisters in Gordon Street.
1881 First church and first convent erected – architect/builder James McDonald.
1882 Father Thomas O’Reilly appointed first parish priest and occupied a cottage on Weston Road (now Victoria Road).
1889 Father (later Monsignor) John Moynagh appointed parish priest.
1892 Opening of the first Christian brothers school (Brothers travelled daily from Balmain east until 1925 when Monastry purchased in Hornsey Street.
1905 New girls school and hall erected – architect/builder Austen McKay.
1911 Original church destroyed by fire.
1912 New church erected – architect/builder Austen McKay. Cost $12045.00
1915 Extension to girls and infants schools.
1921 Extension to Christian brothers school.
1925 Purchase of Monastry for Christian brothers.
1932 Golden jubilee of Monsignor Moynagh.
1934 Death of Monsignor Moynagh, and appointment of Father (later Monsignor) Gerald Bartlett.
1936 New infants school erected, and major extensions to girls’s school.
1937 New block to Christian brothers school – corner Gordon and Princes Streets.
1946 Monsignor Bartlett transferred to Forest Lodge and Father Sylvester O’Sullivan appointed as parish priest.
1955 New convent erected.
1960 Major renovation to boys secondary school.
1961 Major renovation to boys primary school.
1965 Closure of Christian brothers school.
1966 Girls school reclassified as a regional high school.
1974 Golden jubilee of Father O’Sullivan.
1975 Death of Father O’Sullivan and appointment of Father Gaffney as parish priest.
1976 Closure of girls secondary school. Transfer of Father Gaffney and appointment of Father Leslie Bagot as parish priest.
1981 Centenary of Rozelle parish.
1981 Departure of Good Samaritan sisters from the parish.
1986 Retirement of Father Bagot and appointment of Father Michael Caruana as parish priest.
1987 Transfer of Father Caruana and appointment of Father Alfred Cachia as parish priest.
1994 Closure of primary and infants schools – amalgamated with Father John Therry school, Balmain.
1998 Retirement of Father Alfred Cachia and appointment of Father Benedict Sant as parish priest.
2001 Retirement of Father Benedict Sant and appointment of Monsignor Vinve Redden as Moderator.
2012 130 year Parish anniversary.