We have a very popular Children’s Liturgy held each Sunday at the 9am Mass, at St Augustine’s. It is a special time for the younger members of our parish to spend time at mass with age-appropriate activities. Parents are most welcome to bring their children to this special liturgy.

This is currently run by a number of volunteers in our Parish, on a roster basis.  The children are welcomed to the altar after the first prayers of the Mass and then are led to the Church Hall. The children return to the church to carry the Offertory Gifts.

It is important that the children see the Church as a safe place where their involvement is welcomed.  They are asked to be involved by sitting at the front, listening and singing.

If you are interested in joining this team of volunteers to lead the Children’s liturgy then please contact the Parish Office on (02) 9810 1157 or email office@staugbalmain.org.au